Curtain Walls

1600 Wall System™1

Price: Quoted on a ‘per job’ basis

  • Reliable systems with versatile features. 1600 Wall System™1 is a pressure glazed system for low to mid-rise applications 1600 Wall System™1 is an integrated, outside glazed, captured curtain wall Concealed fastener joinery creates smooth, monolithic appearance

  • 1600 Wall System™1 has been tested to meet current codes requiring protection of openings in wind borne debris regions

1602 Wall System

Price: Quoted on a ‘per job’ basis

  • A rain screen pressure equalized system that utilizes tubular mullions and horizontals with shear block construction.

  • Slim 2″ sight lines tubular construction with shear block connections.

  • Split mullion unitized system for horizontal strip window.

  • Thermally broken framing, pressure equalized rain screen design, glazed with 1″ sealed units.

  • Optional single glazing with a range of mullion sizes to suit design parameters

  • Tremco VISIONstrip® exterior glazing system, interior elastomeric glazing gaskets, and exterior/interior color options.